Christopher Bows French and German Bows

Christopher Bows French and German

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Christopher bows for Double Bass $447.00

  • carbon composite
  • both French and German model available
  • ebony frog with eye
  • horse hair


BWB701F. BWB701G bass bow


Christopher Octagonal Brazil wood Bows $230.00

  • Hand-crafted octagonal stick of selected Brazil wood
  • Silver or faux whalebone winding and leather grip
  • Fully-lined ebony frog with parisian eye
  • Mongolian white horse hair
  • Bass bow available in sizes 1/4 to 7/8,
    French (BW-DBG-F, BW-DBG-T, BW-DBG-H, BW-DBG-Q)
    or German frog (BW-DBG-F, BW-DBG-T, BW-DBG-H, BW-DBG-Q)